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The Dream Dealer Marita Phillips

The Dream Dealer

Marita Phillips

230 pages
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 About the Book 

The Dream Dealer is a fantasy story for boys and girls from 9-13 years.The children who have read it can’t stop raving about it.The Telegraph’s Philip Womack thinks that it “stands out from the crowd with its intelligence, style and subject matter” and it “hasnt received the attention it deserves”.A young reviewer at The Guardian Children’s Books said “My absolute best book I’ve read this year. I’ve read it five times so far” and “It’s very, very tense & exciting”.Waterstones think “The Dream Dealer is superb” and they’ve labelled it as such on their shelves.So what’s this popular book about?The main character is Finn, a twelve year old boy who has a pet mouse called Hercules and lives with his dad (who drinks too much).Finn is a misfit at school, lonely at home and is searching for his long lost mother.Delphi, the new girl, befriends him and they get on well because they both struggle to make friends with the other children.The Dream Dealer turns up outside the school in an ice cream van to encourage children to buy his ice dreams.Many of the kids in the school succumb to the ice dreams.Finn tries to resist the temptation but is not sure if the ice dreams could help him find his mum.The book is gripping throughout and there is an intriguing twist at the end.It covers topics such as bullying, drugs, alcohol and unconventional families so provides plenty of ideas for discussion.