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Peace Without Profit Joseph Hanlon

Peace Without Profit

Joseph Hanlon

Published December 2nd 1996
ISBN : 9780435074104
176 pages
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 About the Book 

Where is the boom that should have followed the end of Mozambiques bitter war? Postwar reconstruction is slow- the economic crisis continues. Peasants returned to the countryside, but no one came to buy their crops. Workers went back to their factories, but there was no money to buy their products. Hanlon has written widely about Mozambique- here he lays out the sad truths of the current situation. Deflation is the opposite of what is needed Mozambique has followed the IMF/World Bank prescription of structural adjustment: free market and deflation, deregulation and demand reductions. Wages, credit, and government spending have been cut. This stops the rebuilding of Mozambique in its tracks, and even prevents an active role by the private sector. The donors have launched an attack on the excesses of stabilization In 1995 donor representatives launched an unprecedented attack on the Bretton Woods institutions. Mozambique is one of the first African countries where postwar reconstructio