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Why Does the Wind Blow? Ikids

Why Does the Wind Blow?


Published August 12th 2009
ISBN : 9781584769347
22 pages
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 About the Book 

Science Made Simple! Whenever kids learn something about the world that they didn?t know before, that?s a discovery! With Little Pirate, kids learn how to make discoveries. When they join Little Pirate on an adventure, they?ll wonder, observe, experiment, draw conclusions, and build on what they?ve discovered. And the more kids discover, the bigger their world gets! What makes the wind blow? Where does the rain come from? Why does it only snow when its cold out? In this captivating adventure, kids will have so much fun with Little Pirate they wont even realize theyre learning all about the weather! Eleven-spread case bound book with a gatefold back cover and an inset paper wheel that turns to transport Little Pirate into a world of wonder.