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Korporate Kreme: Kustom Kollection #8 Kris Kreme

Korporate Kreme: Kustom Kollection #8

Kris Kreme

Published April 21st 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Kustom Kollections return with tales of Korporate Krime like never before, two tales told in such a twisted fashion, only the Kreme could be behind them.In Proof of Life, Tyson Campbell returns from a business trip across the globe to find that his perceived imminent success may just be the turning point that changes everything in his wholesome family.Tyson Campbell has worked as a public relations head for Bio-Gen, one of the worlds leading breakthrough companies in bio-engineering. They have always been a company that put safety ahead of risky moves, unlike some competing companies that Tyson has come across in his time on the job. Currently, the biggest breakthrough of Bio-Gen history is just days away from going public, a revolutionary anti-aging product Tyson and his family have been fortunate enough to test out for a while now.However, returning home, Tyson finds an empty home with a message and a fairly explicit video disc waiting in his DVD player. There is a note that lists three bizarre tasks Tyson must do or else he will never see his family again.Unfortunately Tyson knows exactly who is behind this. GenetiCorp is a dangerous company, one in the same general business as Bio-Gen but with none of the safety concerns. They are dedicated to controlling all manner of genetics and have chosen a seemingly random assortment of tasks which will add up too late for Tyson Campbell to recognize, ultimately ruining Bio-Gens public image and their supposed success in the near future.His family may be alive when he gets them back, but everything in his life has changed, including him.Next up in Korporate Kreme, we find Donald Campbell, a man with everything including a super hot wife with expensive tastes and the talent to use all her assets to get what she wants, Miranda.Fortunately, Donald is wealthy enough that it doesnt really matter she always has to have the best. Her latest urgent need is a new cell phone, as hers has reportedly glitched out on her. While Donalds first impulse is to fix it, Miranda pleads to just go down to the local mall and see what fancy brand new cell phone they can replace it with.Some unsubtle incentive later, Donald is driving Miranda downtown to see what fancy phone they can find to replace hers. At the large cell phone kiosk theyve seen a number of times before, Donald lets Miranda browse, smiling and knowing she assured him that shed be super happy for him doing this. Super happy means one thing to Donald and it only makes him super happy thinking of it.Miranda ends up picking out a somewhat unusual phone with a brand that Donald has never heard of, one called Celliminal. Asking the thin lanky salesman about it, Donald is unsurprised to find that this particular cell phone is not for sale yet, only on display.According to the man whose eyes keep shifting to Miranda, the Celliminal phone in addition to never losing a signal even in the deepest darkest caves will actually improve health and well-being. It releases constant subtle tones beneath conversations, phone rings, and more which are beneficial to the health of the user.Donald thinks its a bunch of made up nonsense but Miranda insists that this is the phone she has to have and after her never-failing charm, Donald is making an offer on the phone that technically isnt for sale. In the end Miranda and Donald leave with a new phone and Donald smiling looking forward to his earned rewards to come.Will Miranda get her phone programmed to her liking or will she be the one who ends up getting programmed? Will Donald return home to find his super happy wife or a woman possessed by perversions even he cant imagine? Who is the cell phone guy secretly working for?Find out in the twisted tale of Korporate Kreme called, Celliminal.