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Girls Mind: Youth Pandora Qianni Xie

Girls Mind: Youth Pandora

Qianni Xie

Published August 10th 2014
ISBN : 9781322035390
196 pages
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 About the Book 

Dissatisfied with teacher Chu Jiangs appointment, pretty but arrogant Shen Xiangxiang always creates obstacles for the newly-appointed monitor Lu Yinge. However, the sincere and composed Lu Yinge overcomes all of them and receives much trust and affection from the class. Wu Dun, who was Lus friend since childhood, divulges her family secret which is taken advantage by Shen Xiangxiang to humiliate Lu Yinge. At this time, a penknife sweeps by, leaving a shining arc...... Is youth a Pandoras box? When you open it, you feel hurt, resentful, but also, joyful and excited. Youth Pandora, the most lovely reading for youth, it is the pillow book for girls. Youth Pandora is written by Xie Qianni.