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Thank You, Dad


Published September 14th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jacob figured his parents’ problem where their own, including his father’s snoring. Until one night after watching basketball, he and his father headed upstairs. Standing at the doorway to his bedroom, they discover his Mom asleep in his bed. His father quips, “Well, that’s your problem now,” and heads off to his vacated bedroom. Thank you, Dad, thinks Jake as he gets in bed with his mother.EXCERPT:“I can’t take your father’s snoring anymore,” she growled. This had been a source of irritation between my parents for as long as I can I remember. I simply shrugged as I figured my parent’s problems aren’t my concern.Coming around my left-hand side, she was carrying a pillow and blanket, which she tossed down on the sofa catty-corner to the sofa I was sitting one. Surprised and startled by her sudden appearance, I quickly pulled my feet off the coffee table before she could yell at me. I went to turn off the video and TV, making ready to leave the living room and finish watching the movie up in my bedroom.“No, stay. There’s no reason you have to leave on my account,” my mother said as she stretched out on her claimed sofa with her facing toward the TV.“Umm ok,” I muttered awkwardly as I sat back down on my sofa and turned the TV back on.To avoid the temptation of putting my feet back on the coffee table, I turned and sat tucked into the corner of the sofa with my legs stretched out on it. I faced my mother as much the TV. This allowed me to subtly glance over and admire her beauty. I found my Mom to be attractive and desirable. In fact, to me she was the most desirable woman I knew and so I was like an awkward teen around her. She was the hot chick that intimidated me and so I avoided her because of that.Tonight she was simply laying there resting her head on her pillow watching the movie. She was wearing loose fitting black satin pajamas that shimmered in the reflecting light from the TV. Her pajamas had a soft pink piping and large white pearl buttons in the top that hid her luscious body but just knowing it was there was enough to get me hard.I tried to split my attention 3 to 1 between watching the movie and slyly checking her out.I don’t know if I’ve always been infatuated with my mother, but I do know when it kicked into hyper-gear and became an obsession. A little over five years ago, I was up in my room surfing the Internet for porn and stumbled upon a video of adult actress Sara Jay. I was shocked as she looked as if she could be my mother’s twin sister and even more incredible was the fact that my mother’s name is Sarah Jessica.I was mesmerized and aroused like never before. It took only a few minutes for me to cum watching her video as I sat there at my desk. As I watched Sara Jay suck some guy’s cock I came like a volcano and as I stared at my monitor I was still unsure if that wasn’t my mother in the video. Instantly, I watched the video a second time and while lasting longer this time I came a second time as fully and completely as the first time.Since then I’ve confirmed the fact that they are two different women. I’ve become consumed with Sara Jay and her videos, especially loving her MILF ones where she bangs a younger lover. I’ve also become secretly obsessed with my Mom, Sarah Jessica.I’ve learned the slight differences between the two women. While Sara Jay is 5’4, Sarah Jessica is 5’7. Sara Jay claims to be 34, whereas I know my mother is 42. Sara Jay has over the years gotten a series of tattoos- however, to my knowledge Sarah Jessica had not. And while Sara Jay’s boobs are enhanced my mother’s fabulous tits are all hers.My obsession with Sarah Jessica had led me to discover that my mother does have some secrets of her own. These included the fact that over 20 years ago she did some modeling, including doing girlie pics.