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Farewell Atlantis

Jackson Curtis

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 About the Book 

Author and book was mentioned in movie 2012: and said to deal with issues relating to the ending of the world.Found this book description online: Farewell Atlantis is a large sprawling tale of conspiracy, politics and ideology. With his thorough research and lucid writing style, Curtis explores the apocalyptic realm through the complementary lens of science and art, and presents a bold exploration of the human spirit. The novel aims to educate readers on reclaiming their birthright as owners of the planet rather than victims or subjects to the political, education and economic machinery while awakening them to a higher global evolution of consciousness.Nick Sagan wrote a Forward to the book.Quoting Chapter One, I am watching Martin die in the pitiliess vacuum of space. Technically it is suicide. Morally it is murder. Although here in the primordial darkness of the Big Bangs ever-expanding wake, I wonder if our feeble, tentative stabs at a comprehensible code of ethical human behavior even apply. The stars dont judge us. And we are made of the same stuff as stars.I cannot see Martins face behind the Extravehicular Visor Assemby of his space helmet..